The Essence of  Who I Am


Having deeply experienced my own trauma, challenges and life altering events, both light and darkness has taught me the most valuable lessons which have formed the very core in how I live, think and experience life.  These profound and collective experiences have been an immense source of growth, empathy and love in my and others’ lives. 

My unique life experiences have led me to a higher understanding of my inner being and others. 

Having read and internalised my studies and wisdoms of leaders in the field of Psychology, Psychosomatics and Neuroscience, I have arrived at many insights which enables me to provide you with the most tailored guidance on your path.  Having travelled to amazing corners of our beautiful Planet, my perspectives on life and the richness of my soul has been irrevocably enlightened.

My experience and knowledge gained in the corporate environment as a leader and professional in the fields of People Management, Learning & Development and Organisational Development for 24 years, have been invaluable in forming my understanding of the hearts and minds of people, gaining critical emotional intelligence skills and applying my leadership and mindfulness skills. 

I am a Certified Specialist Strengths Coach who has a natural ability to sense and understand my clients’ driving forces and motivation, but also their psychological hurdles to personal greatness. 

My approach is sincere and open, enabling us to discuss issues of personal importance in a safe, secure and ever-trusting environment. 

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I truly care about your wellbeing and will be fully invested in undertaking the very special journey

with you to be the best               .