“There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so”. William Shakespeare

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

What if all the problems you have… are not problems… What if the problems we experience are the result of our powerful minds convincing us that possibilities have been taken from us the instant a problem presented itself?

What if we define opportunities as problems and thus approach it as such? Circumstances upset us, it robs us from choice and freedom - or does it?

Circumstances does not equal lack of freedom. The choice to be defined by our circumstances that is what robs us from freedom and our future.

Granted, circumstances we cannot control makes us feel helpless, out of control and even could signal the end of something.

Yet – people respond differently to circumstances.

Whenever we blame the circumstance or other people for our reaction or response – you can be sure that there is something within you that is upset, and the circumstances simply triggered this response in us.

In truth, no one can upset you. You get upset when words, behaviour or circumstances trigger something within you and elicit a reaction because of the patterns you have nurtured over time. It triggers something within us because of our beliefs, often limiting beliefs and our feelings. It triggers something within us because we carry with us something that requires attention, pain we carry with us, limiting beliefs which became cast in stone to us, feelings of perceived inadequacies - something that prevents us from being free.

We limit ourselves by framing circumstances and other people’s behaviour in a response to us as a personal attack on our lives. But is it really?

Even if you are feeling like this at the moment, even if you are thinking like this and you experience fear and feelings of inadequacy – IT IS OK!

I, myself, have had to learn (and continues to learn every day) that my immediate reaction to someone, to circumstances and to my own thoughts may be because of what I am still uncomfortable with in my life and something that requires my attention.

We have suffered immense loss during 2020. Loss of life, loss of freedom, loss of opportunities, doors have closed, loss of jobs, loss of income, loss of ourselves. LOSS!

You may feel like your life is falling apart, that you have no answers that you cannot possibly climb out of the black hole you seem to find yourself in at the moment. This is real, what you feel is real, it is not wrong! But, there is more to your life, there is more to this moment!

Please know, there is hope. The way you feel right now, also means possibilities are awaiting you.

Coaching is a beautiful avenue for every single person:

  • to be heard.

  • to check-in with themselves and come to an awareness that our thoughts play an enormous role in our lives

  • to come to the realization that our minds, if we give it power, could either destroy or free us.

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