What is your language?

I was amazed to learn that there are more than 7000 languages in the world. This excludes dialects.

According to Ethnologue, it is expected that half of the world’s living languages are expected to die out by the end of this century, and it’s estimated that languages are dying at a rate of one every 14 days. Some of these languages are centuries old and only kept alive by a handful of people. It is said that about 2895 languages are currently endangered.

Imagine your language becoming extinct. Imaging your language become one of the minority languages which may not survive because of prosecution, stigmatisation and because it is regarded as inferior.

This made me think… What language do we really speak?

The language of Anger? The language of Sadness? The language of Contempt, Inferiority, Insecurity, Shame, Guilt? The language of Love, Compassion, Understanding, Freedom, Peace, Courage, Beauty, Hope, Faith?

Many years ago, I was driving in my car with a friend sitting next to me. I cannot even remember exactly what happened, but I remember exactly how angry I was at one of the drivers on the road. I literally lost my mind! I was enraged. I was prepared to get out of my car, bash in his car’s window and do what my mind told me to do in that moment. I had no plan, I wasn’t even sure what I was going to do, but I felt like I just had to act out my anger. I was selfish, self-absorbed and all in my head in that moment. I was unable to and chose not to think about the other driver – I believed he was deliberately spiteful and inconsiderate. 😔

Thankfully, I didn’t get out of my car that day, but my momentary rage bothered me for some time after that event.

I am a peaceful soul, someone who wants harmony. I am someone who mediate between parties to find peace and understanding – this is who I am, not that person who lost her mind that day.

I never thought about the other driver and whether, in fact, he may have had his own array of issues to deal with. What if his wife just told him she wanted to get divorced? What if he just received a call that someone closed to him died? What if he just heard that he may lose his job? What if he just learned that he is ill. I was selfish, and chose the Language of Anger, Rage, and Judgement to control me in that moment.

“The words we attach to our experience, become our experience” - if I recall correctly, this is one of Tony Robbins’ quotes. There is no doubt in my mind that our words shape our realities. We utter words with ease, but we don’t always understand the impact of our words. We use words effortlessly in a conversation, but we are unaware of the impact it has on others.

Our world is currently speaking the language of Fear, the language of Anxiety, of Sadness, of Agony. I shudder to think that the languages that can heal us and the world may become extinct, and that it may be seen as inferior in businesses, and that families may have started to neglect the language of love and compassion. I shudder to think that we have become accustomed to the use of languages of judgment, regret, blaming and hate in relationships.

In coaching, we often refer to “reframing”. Reframing helps us to focus on different perspectives and see different options. Reframing also require us to select our words carefully because we know our words shape our beliefs, our feelings, and our behaviour.

Joe Dispenza says it so eloquently: “When our behaviours match our intentions, when our actions are equal to our thoughts, when our minds and our bodies are working together, when our words and our deeds are aligned … there is an immense power behind any individual.”

Help the world to make sure none of the beautiful Languages we have access to become extinct: Love, Compassion, Peace, Encouragement, Truth, Strength, Courage, Hope, Faith.

Reframe, refocus, align your words with your intentions and make sure your language is never seen as inferior.

Let your children, your partner, your superiors, your parents see your intention and experience your soul and witness the love you have for life and the respect you have for others, in the language you use.

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