What is your identity?

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

"What is your identity"? A question I was recently asked by a colleague.

To be honest, I struggled to answer the question in that moment. Having given it some thought, I realised I was engrossed in so many tasks that my identity became hazy. Have I been wearing blinkers for the last few months? Did lockdown get to me without me realising it. Have I lost myself?

I felt a little silly, being a Coach to others, but then realised again that growth is a journey – a never ending journey and we all need someone who can help us gain perspective at times.

I may have had the answer within me, but someone else helped me to get perspective when I needed it.

I am happy to report that I didn’t lose myself – but should I not have reached out to someone to guide me to find a little perspective, I may have continued on the same frustrating path of focusing on everything around me, thereby neglecting myself. Truth is, we are of little value to others if we neglect ourselves.

I look back with gratitude and renewed amazement that a simple question has resulted in personal growth. We never arrive - life provides us with opportunities for growth every single day.

One question prompted a conversation which lead to a wealth of realisations and action. This is the essence of Coaching – to become self-aware, find the answers within yourself, own it and take responsibility to grow from the experience.

Be open to these opportunities and be courageous enough to reach out to someone who can ask you that one question that will help you to move forward and bring more meaning to your life.

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