What does your self-portrait look like?

Can you remember the last compliment you received? How did it make you feel? It is a good feeling isn’t it?

Praise can be motivating and improve our state of mind. It is said that people remember criticism but respond to praise.

However, we soon forget the honesty with which praise was given as well as the impact it had on us when we are met with criticism.

You are a beautiful humanoid. There truly is only one like you. I bet you have not thought

about your "BEST YOU" in a while?

Would you like to be reminded of what you have within you that makes you worthy of praise? Would you like to look in the mirror and see the beautiful reflection of who you really are?​

Why not give it a try and write down a self-portrait essay…

Focus on who you see yourself to be when you are at your best? Start your sentences with “when I am at my best, I . . . . . “

Write about 2 – 3 paragraphs, write it like a story.

Take your time before you put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard. Dig a little deeper than just the superficial. As women, mothers, wives, partners, business women and single women, we portray many traits outwardly, but those things you do, you say, the courage you muster up to get up and go… those things are not always seen, yet in many ways it possesses your strength.

We would love to celebrate YOU.

Write us a comment about your experience when writing your self-portrait – what stood out for you, what surprised you, what made you feel good.

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