We have a choice, even in times of adversity

In times of adversity, we truly discover who we are.

In Viktor Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning, the holocaust survivor tells the story of him and many others living in Nazi concentration camps. He paints a picture of the daily struggles of camp life and how this affected the mental state of its inmates. (His book is absolutely worth a read if you are still looking for something to do during the lockdown period).

The core of Frankl’s philosophy is that a “man’s deepest desire is to find meaning in his life, and if he can find that meaning, he can survive anything”.

How did he find meaning? He decided that he was going to use his suffering as an opportunity to make himself a better person. Instead of becoming apathetic and accepting that he was doomed, he chose to embrace his suffering.

According to Frankl, while a man’s destiny in life is certainly affected by the circumstances in which he finds himself, he is ultimately free to choose his own path in life. Even in the worst situation possible, man always has the freedom to choose his attitude towards life.

We hold the key, we decide. Whatever the media decides to publish, whatever we decide to do with the news, we still hold the key to whether we will find meaning during this time.

Don’t let this opportunity in adversity pass you by to find meaning.

Be safe and take care!

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