Truth, a prerequisite to be free!

Every now and then, the need for me to hold up a mirror for myself present itself through events in my life. Holding up the mirror means I will see my reflection. I will see everything, whether I like it or not.  Looking into the mirror, I carefully observe my experiences in my own reflection and then, I face the truth. (Ouch…!)

At times, I need someone else to hold up a mirror for me – it’s harsh and it can be painful to hear the truth from someone else, but this is extremely necessary, extremely enlightening.

When we are willing to be vulnerable, put our pride to the side and be open to accept what we see in the mirror, the process will be one that enriches and frees rather than harms.

I looked into the mirror today, these are the truths I saw!

  • The person I see in the mirror, is the one responsible for my life.

  • If I want something in my life, I have to make an effort to get it. Once I get it, it is up to me to make it great, to keep it going and to take care of it.

  • I am the one wrecking my life when I refuse to pursue my goals and when I fail to focus on my goals.

  • I am a walking possibility of abundance and success, but I have to believe it, I have to live it!

  • I make mistakes, plenty! But I believe that I am not my mistakes.  I believe that every mistake is an opportunity to grow and become stronger.

  • If I live a life according to others’ expectations, I am neglecting my own life, my own relationships, my own purpose. I dissipate into nothingness, I become directionless.

  • When I allow the negative voices to overwhelm me and take me off track, it is up to me to silence them and to put into action what I have learned and taught myself.

  • When I am wrong, I will be brave enough to admit it.

  • Sometimes I become comfortable being on the receiving end of the twisted impact of ringleaders and stirrers to my disappointment and embarrassment.

  • Unless I am prepared to face the truth, my life will unravel, little by little and the mirror will become a useless object with no purpose.

  • Blaming others for what I am responsible for, is simply foolish.

  • Just because I believe it, does not mean it is true…

So today I decide:

  • I will not ignore the truth.

  • I will hold up the mirror to see the truth, even if this means I am uncomfortable with what I see. 

  • I will rise above denialism and face my fears.

  • I will face the truth.

  • I will keep growing!

  • I will grow!

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