The never ending need to be seen, to be recognised, to compete. ..

to post consistently on social media so that you can be seen,

so that Facebook's algorithms notice traffic when you post and make other posts more visible to all your Facebook friends

to comment, 👍🏻 and ❤ incessantly in case someone notices you

to @someone so that more people can be reached

post pictures and videos because that's what our eyes and brains crave

post short texts because our attention span is erratic and wants to swiftly move on to the next post for fear of missing out

post a client's positive feedback after training you did, or the speech you delivered, the webinar you facilitated, so that potential new clients see you are credible

you follow the lead and hopefully you gain a new client or two

constantly looking seeking wanting

more of what you don't have

more of what you think you need

more of what extrinsically seem to make you a better person

adding more things of perceived value to your life


when existing isn't enough

when more doesn't satisfy

when being who you are isn't noticed



a little more

what if you're not seen heard acknowledged

holding onto something because letting it go leaves a feeling of emptiness loneliness and insignificance

doing because that's what is done

chasing sometimes senseless goals to be able to to show progress whether it makes a difference or not

at least you did something because that's what is done





disguising selfish needs behind acts of care gratitude and service

authenticity is it real

authenticity just that

being is it enough

what is enough

when is it enough

you are enough

will you be seen if you don't fit the societal norm

if you don't confirm

if you can't

you are

you are enough

whether you are seen or not

keep being you

you are enough

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