Spring-clean your life

I haven’t quite analysed the reason for this, but I am sure you will be able to identify with the mysterious phenomenon that raises it's head every year…. (ladies, you will definitely be able to identify with this annual event😉).

Spring-cleaning is an event! It’s cathartic! It removes unwanted items. When I embark on this once-a-year event, I organise, reorganise and organise again until my abode feels like my uncluttered sanctuary again.

I love winter. The idea of cuddling up under warm blankies, tasty home made soups, warm food, puddings and the sun yielding a thawing escape. In South Africa, the winter sky is magnificent. The night sky, spectacular.

But when Spring makes its appearance, it’s time to welcome the beauty of the season by embarking on a proper spring-clean.

Winter clothes packed away until next year, summer clothes washed and hanged in the closet after they were stowed away during winter. Curtains washed and windows open.

It reminds me of the need for our lives to be “spring-cleaned”. During “winter times” in our lives, we gather, file, dwell on, put away and stow habits, thoughts goals and aspirations. We forget what it feels like to live, to feel, to rise above. We neglect our goals, our aspirations. It’s time. It’s time to open the windows, put on lighter clothes and feel life again.

Springclean My Life
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Happy Spring-Cleaning and make the most of it! Life is fleeting – live now.

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