Learn to say “I want to”…

Watching people bounce back from adversity is a true spectacle.

From the outside it sometimes seems like they had a perfect 10 point plan or they followed tried and tested steps designed exclusively for their particular circumstances to ensure their recovery and transformation.

The truth is no one is in good form all the time. Even our heroes and mentors experience times when they have to take a step back, regain perspective and redirect their focus and attention.

When we reflect on our own lives, we have all survived challenges, adversity and trauma. We may not have followed a specific method to guide us through the turbulence – it may have been an unintended and unconscious selection of coping mechanisms applied through trial and error which eventually lead us to being able to breathe and look the world in the eyes again.

Challenges, adversity and setbacks, provide us with opportunities to develop courage, strength and resilience.  

To be better at overcoming setbacks and adversity, both businesses and individuals should consistently direct their efforts to build resilience. Resilience can be learned. It has to become a habit to enable you and your business to be adept at bouncing back once adversity and challenges present itself.

While there are ample ways to strengthen your ability to bounce back, the most important prerequisite to resilience, is attitude. 

Learn to say, “I want to overcome this” not “I have to”.  The difference? Saying “I want to” will drive you take control and you will be motivated to do it.  

Start today to adopt an attitude of “I want to”.  Let it become a habit and empower yourself to better deal with adversity when it knocks on your door.

This attitude is not only useful in times of adversity, it will help you to act with intention, motivation and have direction on a daily basis.  

Small steps of empowering yourself on a daily basis will reap huge rewards in the long run. 

A small daily practice will form new neural pathways in your brain and if you persist, this will become a habit and you this will become the new way of approaching your day, your tasks and life.

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