I would love for someone who needs my help, to receive this message…

Being in a funk, is super uncomfortable for me… I am a Coach to others, yet, I experience the very same feelings the average person experiences.

I have to say, this could leave me feeling helpless, small, inferior, and even unworthy of being a Coach, however, I have learned something incredibly valuable about feeling stuck, feeling blue and having limiting beliefs, feeling purposeless, disconnected and unmotivated (Yes, this happens to Coaches too 😊).

I have learned how to live with these feelings. I have learned that these feelings are temporary. I have learned that I don’t always know why I feel that way, but, that every one of these feelings has a message for me. I have learned to wait with those feelings. Wait while I continue with life.

If you are reading this post, you have experienced similar feelings – I know this because you are human.

I have learned how to become aware of these feelings, to recognise the triggers and what to do about or with them.

Self-awareness is key to be able to live while these feelings may haunt you.

I have put this to the test many times now, and I think I have finally found a way to be ok with these unwanted feelings. They don’t make me feel good, but I know I am in control of what I do with them, and what I take away from this phase. I also know, the sooner I am able to recognise my feelings, the better I am able to live through these feelings and the better I am able to grow from it. I know once the uncomfortable feelings have subsided, I have more courage, more knowledge and a better self-awareness for when next life throughs a curveball. Growth is never a waste, even if it may be uncomfortable and painful.

Today, I would love for you to share this post with someone who may need my help. Someone who needs to read this message and realise, “they are not alone and they are not broken”. Share this with someone who feel stuck, overwhelmed, insignificant, unimportant and without purpose. Pay it forward, if you will.

It’s ok not to be ok all the time. It really is. But, we don’t have to feel like that all the time either.

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