Big lessons from unexpected small moments

I was not sure how she would be received by her two siblings when I brought her home that day. Today, six months old, and I am thrilled to report that she has won them over.  In fact, her charm and personality has won over every single soul she has met to date.

As I get ready to work this morning, I look at two of them playing. She claims her space, demands to be recognised and has an undeniable presence, wherever she goes.

Unafraid, gentle, confident, determined, pure, playful, focused, energised, observant, intelligent, grateful, kind - she approaches us with conviction, she never gives up, she doesn’t miss a thing. She exudes “I am me, unapologetically me”. Her eyes see, her mind observes, her soul responds.  What a delightful presence to have in our lives.

As I watch them play, my thoughts started to wonder into the space of corporates, small companies, professional associations, relationships and for a moment I hankered for the pureness and authenticity, how proud she carries herself regardless of who is watching.  We accepted her for who she is, the laughter, her uniqueness, her presence – I would not wish her or her siblings to be any different, never. Is she perfect, well… yes, imperfectly perfect. Naughtiness and stubbornness are part of her make-up but nurturing who she is and not who I want her to be has been very rewarding. (And yes, off course discipline remains a key value in our household).

What if we could see the best in others and refrain from magnifying what we believe to be their weaknesses. What if the world could accept you, me, us for our uniqueness, the superpowers we possess, yes, even for what appears to be quirkiness and flaws to others. What if we demanded and claimed our place in the world rather than conforming to the expectations of others, of the idea they have about us and become small and finally renounce who we are.

I remind myself of the words by Bryant McGill who said: “Each moment has an unrealized dimension of beauty that only your perspective can liberate”

So why not?  Why not actively look for that unrealized dimension of beauty in the person sitting next to you, across the table, in the boardroom, your partner, child, even your enemies, IN YOURSELF!

The little presence that has filled our lives with a new dimension of beauty and lessons in live is called Laila, a six-month-old kitten.

Princess Laila, 6 months old

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