An aptitude for gratitude

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

#GRATITUDE - a practice I was introduced to when I thought my life was good, and I had so much to be grateful for. Yet being surrounded by light, the concept of GRATITUDE seemed mildly superfluous at the time.

I now look back with an immense appreciation for the concept GRATITUDE and how it shaped my life in significant ways. When my life was challenged with events, moments, trials, burdens and limiting beliefs, life was not as wonderful as when I saw excerpts of life through my rose-tinted glasses.

It was in a moment, after years of reading, doing, feeling and thinking that GRATITUDE made sense, that I understood it and started to embrace it as a part of the way I see the world. GRATITUDE is a key component in my approach to #Coaching - I would love to hear from you how you experience this life-altering practice.

What are you grateful for, right now? Does the practice of GRATITUDE appeal to you, work for you, make a difference to you, your body, your mind, your life?

Today, I am so #grateful for being able to attend this live talk by #DrJohnDemartini tonight. What an absolute privilege it is to live today - access to information and learning is possible for all of us.

We simply have to open our hearts and minds to opportunities.

Public Talk: The Significance of Gratitude for Great Achievement

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