5 things you can do to avoid emotional contagion

When people around you are happy and excited and they use “positive” words, you feel good, you feel uplifted, and you could even derive courage from these conversations.  Often positive actions stem from these conversations and interactions.

In the same way, negative emotions have an immense impact on people. Unless we are able to withstand negative emotions from others, our emotions will be contaminated.

Have you ever left the office of your manager feeling emotionally affected? Have you ever felt drained after you ended a call with a negative colleague? Does drama and chaos in relationships have you feeling exhausted?  Do you feel tired and depressed after having scrolled Facebook for a while?

Those feelings are an indicator that emotions are indeed contagious, just like a yawn.

Our words can literally infect other people’s emotional states, even though we may not do that intentionally.

Here are 5 things you can do to avoid emotional contagion:

  • Be aware of your own words and emotions. 

  • Strengthen your emotional immune system by limiting or even avoiding negative interactions - this include exposing your emotional immune system to negative and toxic social media posts.

  • Be a positive immune shot for others - focus on 3 positives for every negative.

  • Nurture your mind by talking about positive and uplifting and topics. Read and watch positive material which contribute to your development and strengthening of your emotional immune system.

  • Look people in the eye, greet them and show your appreciation.

You have the strength to stand tall and infect others and our world with beautiful emotions!

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