Square peg in a round hole

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

As a child, I was fascinated by textures. The underside of our kitchen table (skilfully handcrafted by my dad to accommodate 5 children and 2 parents), awakened my awareness to textures. Since the moment I felt the roughness of the underside of the table, I experienced different textures as if they were alive. Perhaps that’s why I like hugging trees?

I also experienced a distinct moment as a child, captivated by the realization that humans are able to walk up straight, never falling over or backwards, and they don’t easily get tired doing this. I know right - off course human beings walk up straight… I experienced life through this lense of amazing fascinations and realizations, however, I felt a little strange at times, especially when expressing these observations out loud.

To add fuel to the fire, I was born with carrot red hair and went through most of my school career with a freckled nose and cheeks. My skin was lily white and when the son met with my skin, it formed uncomfortable and painful blisters. A blushed-tomato-with-freckles-and-red-hair-look.

Walking home from school one day, a few children walked behind me, teasing me, chanting names, labelling me because, casting judgement my hair wasn’t the same as theirs, it was red, carrot red, ginger.

I learned to love my red hair and as I grew up, experienced my hair to be something most people admired. I learned to enjoy my strange fascination with textures observations.

It’s easy to go through life feeling like the odd one out, the one who isn’t good enough, the one who don’t deserve a good life, the one who shouldn’t charge too much for services rendered, the one whose clothes don’t quite make the grade. It’s easy to get obsessed with comparing ourselves with others and their amazing, happy, and beautiful “Facebook lives”.

I started my Coaching business, and called it Uniquely You because of my red hair, my strange experiences and ultimately the realization and belief that every single human is UNIQUE! I see it in myself, I see it in my clients. No 2 people are the same. You are UNIQUELY YOU.

I read through my CliftonStrengths report again last night – for a second or two it felt like the report was describing someone else, not me. And then it struck me again – you, Leonie, you too are UNIQUELY YOU. I am indeed me, uniquely me!

Whoever is reading this post, there is absolutely no doubt that you are undeniably UNIQUE. But you may have lost your way a little, you may have surrendered and got buried under everyone else’s “social media” lives and feel a little left behind. The weight of society, lockdown, responsibilities and challenges, fear, shame, and anger may have buried you under a heavy load of self-doubt.

Discover your uniqueness, get to know the YOU who is beautifully different and unique from everyone else in the world. Rather than comparing yourself with others, look into your soul - find the person you want to be!

(Should you like more information about CliftonStrengths Assessment and how I can help you discover yourself and your potential, send me a message and I will be more than happy to share valuable information with you).

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