"One can choose to go back toward safety

or forward toward growth.

Growth must be chosen again and again;

fear must be overcome again and again".

Abraham Maslow

We become who we decide to be. 

Decide today to unlock the door to your

personal excellence journey!

Leonie Fourie - Transformational Coach

Thanks to advanced Technology, I am able to work with anyone, no matter your location.  

I operate Internationally using Zoom as a platform.

Personal Coaching

Discover your greatness - grow as a person - become more concious

Human beings are creatures of habit and this could either work to our advantage or work against us.  Often when we want to make changes in our lives, our habits, thoughts and beliefs are areas that require work. Breaking habits and forming new ones take time. A new way of doing things and implementing solutions to our problems and challenges require consistency, effort and attention.


Change is part of Growth.  Self-awareness is key to understanding how you can grow and learn new ways of expressing yourself, thinking and feeling.  We have within us the control to grow in a positive way or stagnate.  The opportunity to grow is always with us, however, many a times, we are unable to identify and leverage these opportunities.

If you want change in your life - be willing to change and be open to it, but more importantly, you have to do something about it.


Coaching sessions are available for you to guide you to find answers, achieve your goals and discover your greatness to be all you can be!


You can also consider a Coaching Packgate with Uniquey You - this  will aid you greatly.  It will empower you and help you focus your attention and efforts to bring about the required change you long for in your life.

Exclusive Couples 

Soul Connect Workshop

Relationships can be incredible.  They can also be turbulent, filled with pain, doubt and insecurities.  We are not given a suite of tools to help us navigate through every event and experience in relationships. We learn as our relationships progress.  

Not only do we learn more about our partner, we also learn more about ourselves as a partner of this unity.  Finding a common language and understanding to build our relationships can be challenging.  Creating a safe space for our partners in a relationship can be tricky, especially if we don’t know what to do. 

Many relationships falter because we want our partners to be who we want them to be, rather than allowing their uniqueness to shine.  We lose connection and our relationships starts to wither.

During this exclusive Soul Connect Workshop you will be guided on a journey to discover each other in a way you haven’t experienced before.  You will already feel a shift in your relationship during the workshop. 

This opportunity provides you with a safe space for you and your partner to strengthen the foundation of your relationship and you will learn how you can apply your newfound knowledge to take your relationship to a new level. 


Business Leader & Team Coaching

Business is all about the bottom line, or is it?

You could achieve your bottom line without investing time and attention in your employees.  But think about this, every one of your employees have untapped talents waiting to be unleashed. Every single employee has a significant contribution to make, and the power lies within you to open the door for your employees to discover their potential and help them to reach new heights.


By discovering your employees' talents and learning how to untap their potential, you will open a door to improved engagement, heightened levels of job satisfaction and better performance (individual and organizational performance)

Learn how you and your teams can collaborate even better, perform optimally while employees feel more empowered, responsible and understood.


Lee-ann Duarte,

Marketing Fantasicologist

I loved the Gallup Strengths Training Workshop where Leonie Fourie from Uniquely You highlighted 5 main strengths of myself and my significant other. We were able to see so much more in each other after and it gave me a lot of understanding as to

the motives of my partner and how he processes information and love.

I think this workshop is an absolute must for anyone,

not just couples, to understand each other more.

Leonie is very gentle and provides a unique insight into how the strengths work together as well as how they blend with other peoples strengths. It is really eye-opening and exciting!

I believe you should never miss the chance to get to know yourself better and to see what truly inspires, drives and develops you as a person.

Doing this course with Leonie will be the best 3 hours you can spend!