Coaching Package Policy



Why should you sign up for a coaching package?


Human beings are creatures of habit and this could either work to our advantage or work against us.  Often when we want to make changes in our lives, our habits, thoughts and beliefs are areas that require work. Breaking habits and forming new ones take time. A new way of doing things and implementing solutions to our problems and challenges require consistency, effort and attention.


Growth is part of change.  Self-awareness is key to understanding how you can grow and learn new ways of expressing yourself, thinking and feeling.  We have within us the control to grow in a positive way or stagnate.  The opportunity to grow is always with us, however, many a times, we are unable to identify and leverage these opportunities.


For this reason, a coaching package with me will aid you greatly.  It will empower you and help you focus your attention and efforts to bring about the required change you long for in your life.



What is included in a package?

  • You will meet with me, your Coach, using a video conferencing platform (such as Zoom).

  • There are two package options available:

    • 4 sessions a month package.

    • 2 sessions a month package.

  • I will guide you through a process to establish your natural talents and strengths.  Having knowledge about your talents and strengths will aid you significantly in establishing and achieving your goals, raise your level of self-awareness and help you to understand why you think, feel and behave in certain ways.

  • I will work with you to help you address the problems and challenges you face.

  • I will act as your accountability partner and hold you to your goals and deadlines.

  • I will provide a safe space for you to discover and share your dreams, fears, beliefs, hopes, thoughts and feelings.


Remember, Coaches do not provide you with answers.  You have within you the power to make decisions yourself and by doing so, you will be committed to your goals and the effort you invest in achieving your goals or solving your problems.  However, as a coach, I will guide you and help you find answers, clarity and raise your level of self-awareness and encourage you.  I will also, where required and should you be open to it, offer feedback and suggestions. I will be honest and will not hold back.  I will hold you to your goals and support you in achieving your goals.


How do package payments work?

Complete the package form of your choice, selecting the package option. Once completed, you will receive an email with detail, possible dates for sessions as well as an invoice with details for payment.  Once paid, your package will be activated.

Please note: invoices are payable at the beginning of the month.


Cancelling/ postponing a session.

24-hour notice is required should you not be able to attend the scheduled session.  Should less than 24-hour’s notice be given, or should you miss the session you will be charged for that session.


Are refunds offered?

No refunds are provided.


Can a Coaching Package be purchased as a Gift for someone else?

Absolutely!  The form you will complete to sign up, will include an option to choose and complete, should you purchase a package for someone else as a Gift.

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