Business Leadership



Develop self-awareness and awareness of others in your Business Leaders to enable them to employ their unique strengths to:

  • Identify individual strengths using the CliftonStrengths Assessment

  • Understand business, leadership and employee challenges with greater insight

  • Develop your leaders to a new level of leadership

  • Learn to adjust to and lead change more effectively


The above development processes will result in:

  • Measurably improve employee performance

  • Improved business, management and leadership performance

  • Improved employee relations

  • Improved employee and organisational morale

  • Exponential improvement of organisational performance output

In partnering with your leaders individually and as a team we will take your business to new heights of leadership self-awareness (EQ), business effectiveness and thereby business performance.


Together we will identify and develop your leaders’ unique strengths to enable them to be the leaders your business requires and deserves.

At the very heart of every business, lies its employees. 


While teams present companies with boundless opportunities, potential and strength, many leaders fail to understand the power of team dynamics and what they can do to maximize every individual’s potential with the aim of having stronger, more effective and powerful teams. 


The increasingly complex business environment demands leaders to become more self-aware and other-aware in order for businesses to continuously improve, thrive and increase competitiveness.


Developing self-awareness and other-awareness has therefore become a key foundation to any successful company’s culture, productivity, employee engagement and ultimately performance. 

By focusing on individual, as well as team strengths, I will facilitate:

  • The identification of individual talents using the CliftonStrengths Assessment Tool.

  • The leader’s role in maximizing potential of every individual team member.

  • The leader and the team’s understanding of team strengths, diversity and dynamics, thereby developing the leader’s ability to improve the team’s collective performance.

  • The leader and the team’s appreciation and commitment to the team and business objectives by recognising individual strengths and contributions to the collective success.

What could this process look like?

Business Leaders & Teams Talents and Dynamics

This is a depiction of a Generic Programme. 

Your Programme will be tailored to meet your unique requirements.